How it Works

When you contact us at e-coached, we will assess your issues and find a suitable coach for you. If you need specialist advice at a later stage, then we will find the right person to provide it. Our coaches and consultants are all professionally qualified and insured.

Initially, we will ask you for some details about yourself, your family and your work, so that we can guide you suitably. We will also need to find out the scope of your needs, and draw up a strategy for you.

We will treat your issues positively, personally and completely confidentially. The process of coaching is to draw out from you what you really want, and give you ways of achieving that for yourself.

Our e-coached standard service is run via e-mails between you and your coach. You may send or respond to messages at any time, and your coach will answer usually within a few hours.

Your coach will set you tasks to complete on a weekly basis – so that you can see how you are progressing towards your goals. You will need to spend about an hour a month to take full advantage of the service – at times of your choosing.

Once you have started using our e-coached services we promise that you will start noticing a difference within a short period of time.