LIVING SUCCESS Or How to Maximise your Life

Our programme lets you work through six modules in your own time, with one of our coaches available by e-mail message to support you when you need it.

Module 1. Why should I succeed?

This will help you to get over the nagging voices that tell you that only other people can succeed. Find the strength within yourself to take on the world. Whether you want to do the current things better, or succeed in something new, we will help you find the motivation. Then you can dare to dream.

Module 2. What will success bring me?

Find out what you mean by success, and what you want from it. Work out how being successful will change your life, and the life of those around you. Recognise the resources that you can put into being successful and how to make more of them. Find out where you want to get to, and your dream can start to come true

Module 3. How do I start being successful?

Now you have to prepare. Turn your dreams into plans and timetables. Do your research, to find out what you can offer and what others need. Put details down on paper. Fill in the gaps and smooth over the joins. Now you are ready to take the first step to achieving your dream.

Module 4. What happened there?

It didn’t go exactly as you planned? What a surprise. Events happen, and the world isn’t entirely predictable. Being successful means you have to be flexible. Your plans will need constant modification. You will need skills you didn’t expect to learn. Keep calm, and keep in mind what it will be like to achieve your dream.

Module 5. Where do I go from here?

You have met your first quarter’s target, however many times you have had to revise it. Project success is now underway. Now it is time to revisit the dream. Look at where you are going, and make sure that you are still aiming for the success you deserve. Make the changes that will optimise your dream.

Module 6. Did I really come from there?

You have the first fruits of your success. Look back and see how you got here. Look forward and see how much better it can become. Dream some new dreams.

Each module has an investment of £100, or you can subscribe to the whole programme for just £500. To discuss your particular circumstances and dreams, contact us at: