Communications Training

Do any of these remind you of your organisation?
• Lots of misunderstandings in the office
• Instructions not being acted on as you require
• Levels of customer service below your expectations
• Lack of confidence in communicating with others in meetings

With top interpersonal skills, you will find that agreement comes faster in meetings and negotiations because your staff will listen to what people are saying and present the case in a way that would be better understood. They will be able to give clearer instructions and improved customer service. Their new knowledge will also enable them to present information more effectively.

The initial Interpersonal Communications course takes three full days. It will cover active listening; non-verbal communication; empathy; matching, pacing and leading; interpretation of expressions and language; and speaking and presentation skills. The course, which can be personalised to your needs, is taught largely by exercises in groups, so that participants will know that they can use the techniques. The e-coached Certificate in Interpersonal Communications will be awarded on successful completion of the sessions.

The cost of the Certificate course (for about 12 participants) will be £1000 plus VAT and expenses.

NLP Practitioner Training

If you wish to proceed from the Certificate in Interpersonal Communications to an NLP Practitioner qualification, awarded by the INLPTA, there will be an additional study time of about 15 days. Again, the material is presented for use in exercises, taking the knowledge of communications to a higher level, and adding techniques to help you to understand and influence others.

NLP Practitioner qualifications will be extremely useful for anyone who deals with the public; makes presentations, negotiates purchases or sales; writes or broadcast marketing material; or needs to deal with capital providers, government offices or outside shareholders.

The additional costs to take participants to NLP Practitioner level would be about £5,000 plus VAT and expenses (a second trainer is required to assess the performance of the group on the last day, and there is a certification fee).
All courses will be conducted by Ian McLaren, a partner in, an International NLP Trainers Association Certified Trainer of the Art and Science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.