Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle coaching is holistic, concentrating on your work/life balance and looking at all your relationships – family, social and in the workplace.

Time is getting to be the great luxury: time to spend with the family, time to socialise with your friends, time to develop the next great project in your life, time to relax. We can help you to prioritise and get your week into balance.

Perhaps you feel uncomfortable with others because you can’t give them enough, or you get angry with people for wasting your time. We can show you ways of taking a better mood and attitude into everyday situations.

Your personal life might also benefit from some planning and goal setting. What to you want to do when you stop doing this job? Are your finances in order, with enough money building up for a comfortable retirement, or putting the children through university? Now is the time to start turning those dreams into reality.

Maybe a family member or friend is drifting through life. We could help to give them some direction and purpose. Just contact us with their details.